Is there a minimum amount?
There is a minimum amount of $30.00 for each cupcake or small event order.  For weddings and larger events, there is a minimum of $250.00.

How do I place an order?
Contact Chef Amy by phone 630-400-3832, or through our Contact page above.  When you place an order, Chef Amy will send you a PayPal bill or contract and will be able to answer all your questions.

Can I come to the bakery?
We are a home-based catering bakery and we bake in a shared kitchen that is not available to customers.  All cake and tastings will be delivered to your home or venue just like a catering business.

How do I pay?
Cup-E-Cakes takes payment primarily through PayPal but does also does accept check and cash.  Please make all checks out to Amy Eckman.

How do I get my order?
Cup-E-Cakes delivers straight to your door on the day and time written on your bill or contract.  Wedding and Event orders will be delivered to the venue.  

Pricing is specified in our menu section for all cupcake and small event orders.  Pricing for weddings is outlined in our weddings section.

Dummy Cakes?
Dummy cakes can be created to make a cake that looks bigger than it is.  Although this is a great way to create height for your cake.  Dummy cakes are often misinterpreted as a way to save money however usually does not and is only recommended by Cup-E-Cakes in order to make a cake look bigger.  Dummy cakes cost 75% of their cake counterparts.

Duplication of cake photos or characters
Many times a customer or bride and groom want a specific look and come into consultations with a design or a certain character to add to their cake.  Although we strive to create a cake that meets our customer's expectations, duplication of cakes and characters cannot be done due to copyright laws.

Can I make changes to my order?
For wedding cakes, brides and grooms can make changes to servings, flavor, and design up to 3 weeks before the wedding date. Kitchen cakes may be added up to the Monday before the wedding date.

For event cakes and cupcakes a customer can change design and flavor up to a week in advance. However, Some items we begin a week or more in advance. Example: bows, numbers, 3D characters. Those we may not be able to change, but you can call and see if they have been started.

Cancellations for weddings need to be done 3 weeks in advance and the 50% retainer fee is non-refundable.

Cancellations for small event cakes and cupcakes need to be done 1 week in advance.  

How do I register for a Cup-e-cakes Baking Class?
You can make it a date with Cup-e-cakes!  We will teach you our unique and professional style of baking in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Pick from our variety of classes and packages for parties or just for two.  Become the go-to baker for your friends and family through Chef Amy's easy step by step instructions.  You'll be baking in no time!  Inquire about classes and dates in the Classes section.

What about Baking Parties?

We love to do parties.  We do both adult and kid parties.  Party package information is listed in the classes section of the website.  All parties have a maximum of 10 adults or kids.  For kids parties, and adult parent must be present during the baking and/or decorating.  Kids parties are for ages 5-18.  

What if I have food allergies?
Although Chef Amy can use a variety of different recipes and techniques to eliminate an ingredient we do bake in a facility that does use peanuts, dairy, and other allergens.